November 20, 2015Zoe Prieto Comments Off on THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE SCHOOL DELIVERY 5TH DAY FRIDAY 11/20/2015

 1st SCHOOL OF THE DAY Palm Springs elementary were we met super excited children when they heard they were getting a turkey and a bag full Of goodies thanks to Nidia Cotera-Castillo for always helping our foundation looking for those children that can benefit the most from this gift

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2nd SCHOOL OF THE DAY  Twin Lakes Elem this school Brings lots of memories since my three children graduated from this elementary school and 5 more families were blessed with a thanksgiving meal I want to thank Jose the custodian for helping us bringing everything down and the principal Ivette Bernal-Pino and the AP for their help selecting the children to receive these wonderful meal

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 3rd SCHOOL OF THE DAY John G DuPuis were Anna Martinez is always they’re to help us and make sure the families receive the gift of love and food thank you to the principalV For always opening the doors to us to be able to give back to those who need it the most I want to thank Carolina ale house Nadia Batista for giving the children a free meal and the parents a free appetizer in everyone of our bags

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4th SCHOOL OF THE DAY Palm Lakes Elementary were my friend Nina Hernandez the CIS always makes sure we get the kids that need it most and takes care of us had a wonderful media noche for me and Roly Prieto super delicious thank God we started the days without breakfast it really hit the spot. Their principal Alina Iglesias for being such a beautiful person inside and out and to their wonderful PTA Barbie Gonzalez (my sister in law LOL) and the other Barbara for their energy and love for all the kids thanks you

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