November 17, 2015Zoe Prieto Comments Off on THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE SCHOOL DELIVERY 2ND DAY TUESDAY 11/17/2015

1st SCHOOL OF THE DAY Broadmoor Elementary delivering 5 turkeys and baskets for their families what an amazing event seeing these children and what it meant to them to get this gift for thanksgiving

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2nd SCHOOL OF THE DAY Shawdowlawn Elementary were we received the most amazing hugs and thank you’s

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3rd SCHOOL OF THE DAY Phyllis Ruth Miller Elementary if you haven’t being hugged by a child in need you haven’t felt the presence of our Heavenly Father of his genuine THANK YOU their is nothing that can pay you as much

in Mathew 25:40 it says Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you d for me.’

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4th SCHOOL OF THE DAY Dr Robert B Ingram Elem it is a process getting everything off the car and setting it up and waiting for the children to get to were we are at and take their pictures and tell  Them why we are there what an amazing crew Jackson and Odalys Dipp Nayibe Marino-Aati representing AATI Roly Prieto my son but also representing Carolina Ale house Nadia Batista, Dunieska Gallardo personal friend and volunteer with me in the PTA at Amelia Earhart Elem. wonderful day a big THANK YOU to all of you and your generosity making this day possible

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