November 21, 2014Zoe Prieto Comments Off on THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE, NOVEMBER 2014

This year our foundation was able to give 80 families the blessing of food baskets full of food, goodies for the children & a turkey. Their is nothing better then to be thankful for everything we have but most of all to share with those that need it the most.

Our foundation strives to help one family at time and we do this by having our local school choose the children that need it most and we personally deliver it to them.

I thank the team that’s always there helping me out My Mom Aida Gonzalez, Husband Rolando Prieto, My brother The Honorable Eddy Gonzalez, my Son Roly Prieto and my friend Dunieska Gallardo for their help everytime we need it. This organization is blessed to work together and make a difference in our community.

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