November 13, 2015Zoe Prieto Comments Off on THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE PREPARATION OF BAGS

Today we sorted the items and started to put them in bags to be ready for delivery the following week to 18 Elementary schools

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I want to thank AATI Nayibe Marino-Aati, Fanny Marino, Odalys Dipp for the donation to purchase the can goods, MDCLC, Eddy Gonzalez, & Vivian Casáls-Muñoz for their donation of 20 turkeys my thanks also go out to Florida Venture Foundation Alina Delgado president for their generous donation to purchase the rest of the items to pack these bags of food, LABA Foundation for the gift of 25 Turkeys and can’t Forget my son Roly Prieto & Nadia Batista from Carolina Ale House for their donation of 30 turkeys and all the free kids meals and the appetizers to the parents. A very big THANK YOU to all my special friends that always come out and help me put it all Together Irma Sandra Rodriguez, Orlyn Ivanz, Maria Pena, Marco Ivanz, Odalys Dipp-Aati, Vivian Casals-Munoz and Esteban from AATI, Dunieska Gallardo, my mom and my Husband love you all.

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