October 1, 2017 Hurricane Irma Relief

October 1, 2017Zoe Prieto Comments Off on October 1, 2017 Hurricane Irma Relief

What a way for our foundation Niños En Accion to finish the weekend serving the LORD homestead Florida another hard hit area by Hurricane Irma all these children and families in need of many items children received book bags Terry Iglesia Miyares thank you and the Emilio Miyares Foundation for your donation of the box full of food this is were it needed to go GOD saved it for the last area of the mission trip a special thanks to my hubby Rolando Prieto my daughter Evelyn Prieto my granddaughters Meagan and Kaylyn, my sister in Christ Vivian Casáls-Muñoz and once again Alex from Florida Gun Florida Gun Center Indoor Shooting Range for the use of your van. May God continue blessing each and everyone of these children their families and May He provide them with work and prosperity Children In Action #Children_action        



while our foundation Niños En Accion was picking up to leave Big Pine Key they notified us that there was a family that was picking up what was left of their house since it was severely damaged and a young man lives there my daughter Evelyn Prieto and my two granddaughter walked over to the house and presented him with his book bag and mom was extremely thankful that someone would come
To their house to do this deed Children In Action #children_action

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