January 15 2018 House Remodeling for Child with Cancer

January 15, 2018Zoe Prieto Comments Off on January 15 2018 House Remodeling for Child with Cancer

Today Our foundation Niños En Accion Children In Action deliver furniture to a family whose child is going through cancer I want to thank Vivian Casáls-Muñoz because two years ago we went to this house to deliver a brand new bike to the same young man and found this family of 8 living in deplorable condition due to water damage and mold but thanks to her and our wonderful Mayor Carlos Hernandez it was determined that this family Qualified for a special program that help families like this thankful
We thank GOD that our foundation was part of this remodeling and the blessing that this family received this weekend moving back in to their home today we want to thank Jorge Gonzalez Willy, Chino, Alex from Florida gun, and my hubby Rolando Prieto for helping us with the building, unloading and lending us the trucks to get all The items to the house may GOD always watch over each and everyone of you and may GOD watch over this family Carlota Fadul and their child Khalil-Adonis Pozo and deliver him with a clean bill of health we love you Khalil

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