June 7, 2014Zoe Prieto Comments Off on FUN DAY AT THE PARK FOR THE CHILDREN

Our foundation visited 35 different Public schools in Miami Dade County and asked the principal and the Community Involvement Specialist (CIS) to identify (5) families from their schools that would benefit from a food drive. Theyre information was submitted to our foundation and we set up the date for June 7th, 2014. Thanks to the help of the principals and CIS we help feed 150 children and families. We would like to thank our sponsors who helped us and that without them this wouldn’t have been possible. FARM SHARE, NOoo que barato, State Representative Eddy Gonzalez, Councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz, GFWC Woman’s Club of Hialeah, The Hialeah Fire Department and Bobby Williams, and my husband Rolando Prieto from Roly’s Forklift for always supporting our cause and driving, loading, unloading and sorting the food to put in boxes for the families. And all our special friends that they always stand by me and help with this beautiful cause to help the children in our community.

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