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Children with Cancer

   Children with Cancer

On June 15th 2009 part of our mission trip was to visit the children from the local hospital Robert Reid Cabral in the capital of Santo Domingo. These children are being treated for cancer.  This hospital is a public hospital there are no semi-private or private rooms, the children are in a large area were there are approximately 10 beds per section. Our mission  is to make these children feel better with some activities. NCA board, along with three young ladies from Westminster Christian School in Miami, brought them coloring books, crayons, stuffed animals, etc. Their smiles, and their parents appreciation were enough for us to thank God for his blessings.
NCA strives that on every mission trip and every container that goes to the D.R. the children that are being treated for this horrible disease find at least some comfort with the coloring books, colors, reading books and stuff animals for their entertainment. In every container we send from Miami bound to the D.R. we supply them with wheel chairs, walkers, mattresses, oxygen machines. etc.
Matresses for the HospitalThey come in serch of Help and they receive it.
Mattress that arrive from the container
El Meson De Dios is a Rehab center that is run by a beautiful couple Nilo & Marielena with the love for God in there heart, their mission is to help those that have gone a stray and have lost their way bringing them back and help them recover. They have one center that has 26 young adults male that have been in their care and are finding there way with the word of God and with a new look in life for them to become better citizens and help others that have taken the wrong turn. Nilo with two other young men that have recovered for over four years go to their second center that brings food, clothes, rest, and the most important the Word of God to other that are living on the streets to lure them in and saved them. These program receives very little help from the government of the D.R. and their support is organization like us and some families that contribute to this project.
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All the children deserve and opportunity to succeed, it doesn’t matter where they come from, what language they speak, or what they look like, All the children are beautiful in God’s Eyes.

Three Kings/Mission Trip January 2010

Coming out of SurgeryWe stopped crying

Coming out of Surgery                                                              We stopped crying

the team from Niños Cristianos en AccionBaby Girl

the team from Niños en Accion                                            Baby Girl

These children’s were extremely happy when they receive the gifts from what they thought was the three kings, three kings day is like Santa arriving in his sled to the house and placing the gifts underneath the Christmas tree, It is so rewarding to put a  smile on their faces this is a moment that is priceless. These children are hospitalized either recently operated, in intensive care, or ready to go to surgery. Two of these children through a wonderful gentleman by the name of Lazaro with a heart of Gold received the medicine for the infection that there little body was combating, he also gave money for a blood transfusion for a child in the burn unit who needed to get a surgery but required blood, and his heart kept melting and donate to another child who’s parents were killed in their home and she was the only survivor. May God continue to bless him and his family for the kindness of his heart towards this foundation and to these children.

Please help us rebuild this churchPictures

Helping Children around the world.

We in the USA are so fortunate to find and get what we want when ever we want sometimes we have to restrain ourselves from items that we really don’t need. As I got involved 15 years ago with this organization I was impressed by what I could give my children and what these children from the Dominican Republic can get. My heart went out to the parents that didn’t have milk, pampers, food, medicine, shoes, clothing, and many other everyday items that we take for granted. As I got more involved with this mission I realized that our children take things for granted and it was easy for them to give things away, because they would get something new, or had so many they didn’t know any more were to put them. I feel that we can help others with just a little bit we take from ourselves sometimes we don’t even miss it cause we haven’t seen what’s in our closet for such a long time. When you see the children smiles as they receive something that some of us will throw out anyway your heart will be go out to help those who are less fortunate than us.

Vacation Bible School 2011

This is the neighborhood, from Palave that we help over 250 children, we take the love of learning, spiritual, and academic so that the children can learn and maybe one day have a better future. This is one of the events that we support for them to have an activity in the summer,

Bible School

Mission Trip December 2011

December 2011 we visited the DR with the Caring Canvas Organization whom is lead by Mrs. Laura Brunetti, We went with the Goal of giving the children the gift of art, taking 250 white T-Shirt for them to experiment painting on them, also Mrs. Brunetti whom is a renown artist here in the states showed them how to make Christmas Decorations out of a Coconut and palm tree stems. These children’s faces lighted up as soon as we got there they were so happy an anxious to see us and to start working on their projects. They continuously asked us if it was ok for them to keep their projects, as soon as they were told it was theirs they express to us how they were going to hang them up as Christmas decorations.

Here are some of those pictures we were able to accommodate 250 children and teach them how to paint. After the 6 hours with the children Mrs. Brunetti did a fashion show with them with many of the clothing she had taken for them, the children had a wonderful time.

Laura Caring Canvas       Zoe Prieto & Laura              Susan Belfer                  Roger (Lobo Loco)          Painted coconuts   Child Showing off her work


Laura with the children        Children and Mom with              Children painting            Child with her prize           FASHION    SHOW

After the art event we were able to feed 325 children below you can see the pictures the moms from the neighborhood that cook for them, the children in line waiting for their turn to eat

COOKING CHICKEN            BLACK BEANS & RICE         MORE CHICKEN                       LETTUCE                               COLE SLAW

CARROTS                     CHILDREN  IN LINE



Susan, Laura, & Zoe           AlreadyFinished                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          With Melanie



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