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This Church serves over 200 children. The building itself its in shambles. The roof is completely full of holes, the walls are make shift and unstable. When it rains it is impossible for them to gather with the children for service or give them any shelter. On a weekly basis this church strives against incredible odds to bring these children the word of God; help them with their studies; and supply them with many basic needed items that are provided by the NCA and  donated by many of you that make it possible for the church Uncion y Poder to continue helping this neighborhood.

PICT0015Volunteer workersCondition of Church Uncion y PoderBegining of constructionChildren we support

The beginning of this year we gave the Pastor Natividad De La Rosa the first deposit to start purchasing the building supplies to get this church up and running.

Pastor AndresPICT0017

Pastor Natividad with her Husband Andres are both the Pastor’s that bring the word of God to over 200 children at the Church Uncion y Poder, this church is located in a small suburb called Palave about 45 minutes from the capital of Santo Domingo. They go walking down the street to bring these less fortunate children center. Their they give aid, supplying them with much needy items like food, shoes, clothing, and many other things that we send from Miami via containers.

We thank God for all the volunteers that help this organization. Their efforts keeps this foundation running and growing.  We thank every contributor that in one way or another,  in small or big way helps us achieve all that we have been able to accomplish.

We will continue to work for the children to ensure that they continue to receive the invaluable aid that we can provide for them.


WE ARE ALMOST THERE, Over the past 2 years we have been working to fund the building for these children, here are the new pictures to show our progress. Stay tune for more updates

IMG-20130420-00783IMG-20130420-00785Front of BuildingIMG-20130420-00788IMG-20130420-00787Side of new buildingIMG-20130420-00790

The Finish Product, We thank God and all our sponsors through all these years, the children of the Dominican Republic now have a safe Space to learn, receive help and stay out of trouble. 

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